About Mike

Mike worked for Macgregor Industries Ltd from 1965 to 1989 and was involved with the production of valve and early transistor radio systems. Mike later became service manager for Macgregors. Proportional radio was developed and Macgregors also started to import JR equipment. Mike at this time specialised in JR repairs.

In 1989 Mike joined Solent Models to carry out repairs on all makes of radio. Later he moved to Solent’s companion company Westbury Products where he designed a range of electronic devices including: on board battery monitors, glow switchers and speed controllers for boats and electric flight whilst continuing with servicing.

Mike joined Ripmax in 1999 and in a rapidly changing world of electronics miniaturised the products he had previously designed for Westbury.

His work continued in radio repair via his links with Hobby Stores Southampton where he carried out repair / service work on all makes of radio.

Towards the end of 2003 Mike attended an intensive service / repair course at Multiplex and was granted full approval to work on Multiplex equipment.

Mike was the Servicing Agent for Flair Products 2004-2005. “…Flair were very careful to select an agency with a proven level of competence when originally searching for a provider of this service. Mike Ridley, who many modellers will know, certainly can demonstrate his competence….”

Mike is freelance today. You can find out more about Mike’s servicing and products on this website.