Multiplex FAQ’s

Q:- Do you sell Multiplex modelling spares.

A:- No I just carry out the warranty and non warranty radio repairs in the U.K for Multiplex.

Q:- Do you carry major spare parts for Multiplex radios, like batteries, aerials and stick knobs

A:- No I just carry the specialist’s spares that are used for servicing, I leave the normal spares for the model shops to sell.

Q:- What is the warranty period for Multiplex radio.

A:- The warranty period of Multiplex radio equipment is 2 years

General FAQ’s

Q:- Do you repair servos.

A:- Yes where economical to do so, low value servos like the basic servos are not worth repairing as the service charges will be more than the cost of the servo. Also note that some spares parts can also make it uneconomical to repair servos.

Q:- Do I need to have my radio checked/service every year.

A:- No modern radio equipment does not wear out as quickly as radio equipment from the 70’s and 80’s. If you are a heavy user then you may consider having check every couple years, as pot wear can still be an issue.

Q:- Can I use any piece of wire to replaced my damaged aerial wire on my 35MHZ receiver.

A:- Yes you could, but the more flexible wire is best, as this is less likely to facture from the vibration of the model. So I always recommend using the proper wire.