Services offered:

  • Servicing and repair of all radio makes
  • Service/repair of ancillary equipment such as servos, speed controllers, etc.
  • Mode changing (can be carried out on radios not intended for conversion by the end user, Futaba Skysport and many earlier radios)
  • Tri stick conversions for those with disabilities
  • Buddy box conversions (can be fitted to those radios not normally equipped with this facility eg. JR max and Futaba Challenger)

When a radio is sent for servicing the following are checked:

  • Receiver range
  • Receiver aerial integrity
  • Receiver nicads
  • Transmitter RF output
  • Transmitter potentiometers
  • Transmitter nicads
  • Servo gears and feedback potentiometer
  • Transmitters with computer control, the backup battery is checked.

Where to send your radio for repair:

Mike Ridley
12 Quilter Close
SO19 0DW

There are two ways you can pay:

  1. You can pay by Paypal,  If you send me an email to confirm that you want to pay by Paypal, I will then send you a request for money via my Paypal account and you will then get a email from Paypal and you just fill in the your details.

With Paypal you can use your credit or debit card to pay for your repair.

  1. Just send a cheque in the normal way to Mike Ridley, 12 Quilter Close, Southampton, SO19 0DW.  Please make your cheque payable to M. A. Ridley.