Deluxe Two Cylinder Glow Switch

The Deluxe two Cylinder Glow Switch has been designed to operate 2 glow plugs and work with one high capacity sub “C” cell. The plugs are driven independently, so if one plug fails the other one will continue to glow.



The glow plugs are inhibited below the user selected tick-over position.

The operating point (set point) can be anywhere on the stick travel.

The stick direction is automatically detected.

LED lights when Glow plugs are active.

LED lights to confirm set-up.

The plugs are driven independently



Connect the throttle servo to the receiver using a “Y” harness and plug the Digital Glow Driver lead into the spare arm of the “Y”.  Move the throttle stick to the tick-over position and press and hold the set key.  The LED glows to confirm that the tick-over position has been stored.  If the LED is already glowing (because of a previous setting) when the key is pressed, the LED will blink out before glowing to confirm that set-up is active.  Move the throttle stick to the position where you would like the Glow Plug to activate.  (About one eighth throttle is a good starting point.)  Release the key.  The LED goes out to confirm that the set-up is complete.

The tick-over and set points can be adjusted at any time by repeating the set-up instructions above.

When the throttle stick is above the set point, the glow plug is off and LED is dark.  As the throttle stick position is reduced to below the set point, the LED will glow to confirm that the Glow Plug is on.  Below tick-over, the glow plug is off and the LED is dark.


Pease ensure that the selection key cannot be pressed accidentally while the unit is in use.


Connect the glow battery and glow clip to the Digital Glow Driver following the diagram below.  Be sure to observe the correct polarity of the glow battery.