Servo Travel Expander 1

Servo Travel Expander

The Servo Travel Expander has been designed to allow a standard servo to travel up to 180 degrees while using the normal 100% travel on the transmitter.

This unit can be used with retracts or on nose wheel steering on a model aircraft or could be used in many other modelling application.


The Servo Travel Expander is a variation on the Servo End Point Adjuster. It allows you to operate a normal servo like a retract servo, it has the advantage that you can adjust the overall travel, compared to a normal retract servo.

When using the Servo Travel Expander you must be careful not to hit the mechanical stops in the servo otherwise you may damaged to servo. So listen to the servo when adjusting the travel beyond the normal 90 degrees.

Plug your servo into the flying lead on the Servo Travel Expander. Plug the other End Point Unit lead into the selected channel on the receiver. The servo will operate with full travel.

The Servo Travel Expander has two input keys, the increase key and the decrease key. The neutral position can be set and end point positions between 20% and 200% travel can be individually set each side of neutral.


With the receiver switched off, press and hold the “-“ key and then switch on the receiver. Release the key and the Digital End Point Adjuster will operate in the reverse direction. To revert to the normal travel direction, perform the above procedure with the “+” key pressed.


With the stick at neutral, use the increase or decrease keys to move the servo neutral to the required position. The servo will move one step each time the key is released. The neutral can be adjusted over a range of about 10% of travel. Note that the neutral position affects the end point positions so it is advisable to set the neutral first.


To enter the end point set-up, press both keys simultaneously for about 1 second. The LED will light to indicate that the end point set-up procedure is active. Release the keys.

Move the transmitter stick to its full movement on one side of neutral. While holding it there, press the decrease key. The servo travel end point will reduce. Pressing the increase key will cause the travel to increase. Use the increase and decrease keys to move the servo to the required end point position.

Repeat this procedure with the transmitter stick to its full travel on the other side of neutral. Move the transmitter stick from side to side to confirm the correct end point positions.

When you are satisfied that the correct settings have been achieved, press and release both keys simultaneously to exit the set-up. Do not hold the keys too long or the system will once again enter set-up. The LED will extinguish to confirm that the operational mode is selected. THE NEW SETTINGS WILL NOT BE STORED UNLESS THE SET-UP IS EXITED. If you wish to change the set points at any time, simply repeat the set-up procedure.


Please ensure that the selection keys cannot be pressed accidentally while the unit is in use.

Additional Information

Dimensions 35 x 18 x 8 mm