Model Boat Sound Generator Steam



  • Five different cylinder combinations, 1,2,3,4,5 and 6
  • Throttle channel feed thorough to speed controller, for ease of use
  • Push button setting for easy selection of number of cylinders
  • Idle sound of continues steam until the stick is moved


Plug the sound unit in to you throttle channel of your receiver and plug your speed controller into the socket lead on the unit. Now wire up a loudspeaker of your choice to the terminal block provided, which must be no lower than 8 Ohms.


Setting up is straight forward, with your receiver turn off and transmitter on hold the setup button down and then switch on your receiver on while still holding the button down, you will hear a beep from the loudspeaker, as soon as this happens let go of the button.

The unit will now go thorough the 6 different cylinder combinations, when it plays the one you like push and hold the button once more while it is still playing the sound you like and a beep will sound to tell you that it has lock that sound.

The sound effect can be changed at anytime by carrying out the above once more.

 In Use

When you first switch on your radio the sound generator makes an idle sound of continues steam until you move the throttle stick, the L.E.D will light until you move the stick.


Once you have moved the stick the L.E.D will go out when ever the throttle stick is move from neutral, if the L.E.D does not come on at neutral you will have to move your trim on your throttle channel and may have to make adjustments your speed controller to reset its neutral.


Please note the unit is not waterproof, so you must protect it.


Additional Information

Dimensions 32 x 17 x 12 mm