Tri stick conversions

Over the many years that I have been servicing and repairing radio control equipment, people have approached me regarding modifying their transmitters after having an accident or a stroke. In many cases the person was a model flyer before their accident or stroke, but not in always.

As you can see from the pictures this is possible with the use of a standard tri unit that I can obtain and have used for many years now.

Having the throttle on the side of the transmitter may seem strange, but in almost all cases the end user has been able to adapt to the tri stick conversion with the throttle on the side.

Old radio systems

As you can see from the pictures there are still a lot of old radios out there. If the equipment is stored correctly it will still work, but some parts will fail over time. For example the NiCads and possible the semi-conductors.

Many of these parts are still available, so I can repair some of the old radio systems, it’s just a matter of cost. A lot of people that I repair the old radio for just like them and in many cases it just brings back good memories of their early model flying.